Created by mom, crafted with care

Created by mom, crafted with care

As a parent, there’s nothing worse than seeing your child suffer. Since most fabrics instigated her children’s eczema and sensory issues, our founder, Jacqueline Sacks, made it her mission to design clothing that soothed even the most sensitive skin.

Finding a fix.

Rolling up her sleeves, Jacqueline began to line her kids’ clothing with the softest fabrics the local craft store carried. But she quickly realized her DIY fix was no match for her children’s growth (or the wear and tear kids put clothes through). She needed a permanent solution, stat.

“When they’re comfortable, they’re happy, and that’s why Saint Haven exists— to take one worry out of the crazy mix of being a parent.”

Jacqueline Sacks   |   Mother & Saint Haven Founder
Jacqueline Sacks
Mother & Saint Haven Founder

A fabric unlike any other.

From knocking on the doors of fabric manufacturers to consulting high-end lingerie and bed linen boutiques, Jacqueline spent years researching, experimenting, and mixing her own fibers first-hand. After prototyping her product nineteen times, she arrived at the softest, most breathable, non-toxic fabric — Saint Haven Soft.

From their sleep to their ability to focus in class, your child’s comfort affects everything. This is why Saint Haven exists — to envelop you and your loved ones in unrivaled, high-quality soft so you can feel comfortable in your own skin.

Saint Haven Seal

Our Mother's seal of quality is your guarantee

All of our garments come with a promise to exceed your fit and quality expectations. If you don’t love something, send it back, free of charge.

Saint Haven Soft

Designed in California. Made in Portugal.
Approved by mothers everywhere.

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