Our secret to softness is simple

Our secret to softness is simple

Our company grew from a principle that comfort should know no compromise—that “soft enough” isn’t good enough, especially when it comes to what touches our children’s skin.

Comfort designed for the whole family in gender neutral earth tones

'Soft enough' isn't good enough.

Saint Haven Soft is spun from the heavenly softness of Beech trees and crafted from the finest fibers of Portugal. It’s skin-safe, breathable, and eco-friendly. Plus, it’s refreshingly low-maintenance, machine-safe, and guaranteed to fit.

Material mastery



Can be machine-washed and tumble-dried without pilling, shrinking or fading in color



Supports body temperature regulation, and built without tags, buttons, or itchy seams

Guaranteed To Fit

Guaranteed to Fit

Designed with 4-way stretch and present-day measurement guardrails to accommodate all body shapes and sizes



Hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, made with all-natural fibers, and free of chemicals and animal products



Made exclusively from fibers that are sustainably sourced from European Beechwood forests

Quality comfort you can feel good about.

From fiber extraction to garment delivery to recycling used clothing, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical and eco-responsible standards. To ensure we leave minimal environmental impact and empower the communities where we work, we invest in internationally respected partnerships and certifications.

Dedicated to providing comfort

Saint Haven Soft is supremely sustainable:


more sustainable than conventional cotton


more sustainable than Merino wool


more sustainable than organic cotton

We are proudly recognized for:

Fair Labor Association

Working with the FLA, we’ve committed ourselves to uphold the association’s fair labor treatment and responsible sourcing practices. fairlabor.org CODE OF CONDUCT Arrow icon

Saint Haven Soft

Designed in California. Made in Portugal. Approved by mothers everywhere.

In the early stages of Saint Haven's development, Souad Sinai was its Chief Designer and an early pioneer of a proprietary method of softening fabric.

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