Skin-safe clothing

Hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, made with all-natural fibers, and free of chemical, dyes and animal products for even the most sensitive skin

Material Mastery

Designed by a mother, for mothers, to soothe children's skin sensitivities ranging from Eczema to Sensory Processing Disorder and to make it easier to dress children and get them out the door with ease.

What our customers have to say

I am nervous as to what I dress my baby in since she has a bit of eczema, but feel so assured when I dress her in the Saint Haven’s Joggers!

- Kristiana

My husband loves the strength of the zipper and how it doesn’t get caught when trying to zip the baby up in the middle of the night after a change.

- Melinda E.

My two-year old loves stuffing rocks and bugs in his pockets as much as I love knowing they...have hypoallergenic properties to soothe his sensitive skin.

- Danica C.